Over the past few years, former NBA star Delonte West has been battling addiction and mental health issues. This has unfortunately left him in a vulnerable state, as many videos have appeared on the internet, depicting him in a state of homelessness. More recently, a video surfaced of West asking for money from passersby. It was a truly disturbing image that led to some intervention from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. In fact, Cuban was able to reunite West with his family and got him to go to rehab, where he is now trying to turn his life around.

Today, Cuban took to Twitter where he shared a photo West sent him while in detox. As you can see, West has been spending some time horseback riding, which is a great way to clear one's head. As Cuban noted, West is grateful for all of the people sending him well-wishes.


"Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you, Delonte West . A long, long , long way to go, but he has taken the first steps and shared these with all of us as a thank you for the love and support," Cuban wrote.

2020 hasn't brought forth a whole lot of positives although this is a story we can all get behind. Hopefully, West continues to progress as he continues on his rehab journey.