Rod Wave has been crushing everything in his way this year as he continues to carve out his own path in the rap game. The XXL Freshmen hasn’t necessarily been in the mix like his other peers but he has grown an incredibly dedicated fanbase. Each song he releases is an instant smash among them, especially with how relatable Wave presents himself.

Like many artists, Rod Wave’s lyrics have been misinterpreted by fans. A particular line in “Letter From Houston” off of Pray 4 Love (Deluxe) has had fans wondering who “Wanda” is on the second verse of the song. Well, Rod Wave does, too. The rapper took to Twitter where he clarified the lyrics for confused fans, revealing he said “wonder” as in, “Wonder do you miss me when I’m busy on the road.”

“Wonder do you miss me when I’m busy on the roaaaad! Not Wanda Who Tf Is Wanda,” he tweeted.

The die-hard fans noted that they already knew this while plenty of others were taken back by this revelation. “we thought Wanda was your Cuzin or something Rod,” one fan replied in a tweet. Others replied with memes from Nickelodeon’s Fairly Oddparents.

Though it’s been a largely successful year for Rod Wave, he has faced his own share of trials and tribulations. Earlier this year, the rapper got into a bad car crash in his new 2020 Corvette that he detailed in the song, “Through The Wire.” He was also engulfed in a feud with PnB Rock who claims the Florida rapper stole his swag and ran with it.

Check out some of the reactions to Rod Wave’s verse below.