UPDATE: Lil Durk has tweeted that the chain is not actually his, saying, “That’s not my weak ass chain”. It appears as though the jeweler was trying to pass it off as though Durk bought it, or he was gauging interest from the rapper.



Lil Durk and King Von went hand-in-hand for years. They formed one of modern rap’s strongest duos, collaborating multiple times and representing some of Chicago’s best musical talents. King Von soaked up knowledge from the veteran Lil Durk, embracing somewhat of a mentee role in their friendship. He even said that, because of Durkio, he moved to Atlanta weeks before his passing.


Given their close relationship, it’s inarguable that Lil Durk is going through a lot of hardship these days. The rapper seems to be powering forward, teasing the release of the deluxe edition of The Voice, his new album paying tribute to his friend. They link up on the song “Still Trappin”. This week, Von’s ex-girlfriend Asian Doll showed off her ultra-realistic enamel and diamond chain of the rapper’s face, reportedly paying around $85,000 for the piece. Lil Durk followed up with a similar chain, hitting Mazza New York for his latest pick-up.


The new pendant is an enamel bust of King Von with detailed features, including his blond and black dreadlocks. The t-shirt that Von is wearing is bedazzled in diamonds, and he’s also wearing a diamond-laden cap. Of course, we’ve got a bit of chainception going on with King Von wearing an OTF chain, as well as a wristwatch and two very shiny bracelets on his other arm.



Lil Durk has paid tribute to King Von plenty of times since the rapper’s untimely death. He will surely continue to remember his partner for years to come.

Are you a fan of Durkio’s new chain?