The death of King Von was among the many tragedies that struck 2020. In November, the rapper was shot after an altercation with Quando Rondo’s crew that went left. Rondo didn’t fire the gun that killed Von but his affiliate Lul Tim is being accused of the crime. Initial reports claim that Rondo “feels extremely bad” about the event, but you wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell that by his social media activity and songs like “End Of Story.”

As Rondo continues to seemingly egg on the situation, it doesn’t seem like there’s any actual remorse for what went down. Earlier today, a fan commented under his post asking him to donate to Von’s family and be a “good man.” “How about you donate to Von family no more of the streets be a good man the situation happened already you can make it right if YOU want to god forgives but that mans kids will never,” @green_frog_guy commented. It’s unclear why this particular account prompted Quando to respond but he did, claiming that he was unaware of any friction he had with Von. 

“Von got his self in that situation I didn’t even no cuz had pressure with me,” he wrote with a heartbreak emoji and a 100 emoji. 

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