A new music video is at the center of controversy for Quando Rondo. On Friday (February 12), the Georgia rapper released the visual to his single "Soul Reaper," and almost immediately, fans took to social media to accuse Rondo of using a Lil Durk lookalike. The video showcases Rondo with a few of his friends as they take to the neighborhood to brandish weapons in various scenes, and in cutaways, a person with blond, twisted dreads is seen being kidnapped and then shot in the trunk of a car.

Lyrically, fans also believed that Rondo mentioned the incident that resulted in the murder of King Von back in November where Rondo's crew reportedly collided with Von and his entourage. One of Rondo's friends, Timothy Leeks, has been charged with murder in the case. After the public shared their opinions, Quando Rondo addressed the controversy on his Instagram Story.

"These fans make anything up [sideways crying laughing emoji]," the rapper wrote. "N*gga don't even be thinking like that." Rap fans are concerned because this reported brewing animosity has already taken the life of King Von and no one wants to see this escalate any further. Check out the video below along with a few reactions, and let us know if people are overreacting or if Rondo is crossing the line.

Quando Rondo, King Von, Soul Reaper, Lil Durk