Tiny & Shekinah Jo Go At It Online As They Reveal End Of Friendship

Shekinah alleges that when she recently defended T.I. & Tiny against allegations of sexual assault, Tiny coached her. The singer denies the claim.

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Tiny & Shekinah Jo Go At It Online As They Reveal End Of Friendship

During the height of T.I. and Tiny's scandal as accusations of sexual misconduct were pouring in by the day, Shekinah Jo Anderson stepped forward to defend her friends. Shekinah has been thick as thieves with the couple for years and has even co-hosted shows with Tiny, but their friendship has come to an end. According to Shekinah, when she stepped forward on behalf of her former friends, she alleges Tiny was there coaching her.

Shekinah spoke on Livestream about working with Tiny and T.I. and alleged that she would get paid next to nothing. She cried as she recalled the demise of their longstanding friendship, and Tiny couldn't pass up the opportunity to respond to the accusations. Shekinah previously took to Livestream in January to say that Sabrina Peterson, the person who launched this scandal against T.I. and Tiny, had sex with the couple and recruited women for them. She later backtracked on her statements.

Tiny & Shekinah Jo Go At It Online As They Reveal End Of Friendship
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"Why in tf would I ask her to say what she said?!" Tiny replied. "True enough she wanted to speak up for me as a friend and I appreciate that but I NEVER EVER told her to say ANY of the sh*t she said. That's on MY LIFE & EVERYTHING I Love. She wrote me a book & said ppl don't need to know but yet going to live talking about me daily. Worst kinda friend to have! If we not cool, we not cool..move on as I have quietly."

"It's a shame I'm addressing this be now," Tiny continued. "Just sick of all the lies. Day after day!! I will forever wish her nothing but the best still, it's sad when close friends turn to enemies but God has his way & I won't ?? Him!"

Watch all the drama unfold below.

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