What was meant to be an inside look at the development of the music video to her recently released single “Up” has caused Cardi B to come forward with a message about self-acceptance. The New York rapper posted a video that gave a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at Cardi and Co. working on the choreography for her visual. However, that wasn’t the central focus as the public began to tease Cardi about her looks, accusing her of too much botox and prompting her to let the world know that there isn’t anything anyone can say that steal her joy.


“Y’all take pictures, videos of me with no makeup  while I’m in motion and be like, ‘Oh, look at Cardi, she looks so weird without her makeup.’ This me with no makeup,” the barefaced rapper said in a video. “No filter. You could see all the little blemishes on my face. You could see my lips so chapped. I’ve been biting it all night. I just woke up 20 minutes ago, didn’t even brush my hair. Like, I feel good.”

She said that whenever there is a woman who is confident in herself there are those who attempt to tear her down. “That don’t work on me anymore,” she added. “I wanna let y’all know that I feel comfortable in my skin. That I’m great, that I’m happy, my record’s doing great, and just because you got so much hatred in your heart that when I do great y’all wanna put it down, you can’t.”

“I’mma stay on top…with this face! With this natural face, makeup or not. A b*tch is doing good.” Check out her full video below.