He may have recently been released from federal custody thanks to his presidential pardon from Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean that Kodak Black is holding a grudge against authorities. Last Tuesday (February 1), FBI agents in Florida were serving a search warrant to David Lee Huber in connection with a child pornography case. The 55-year-old divorced computer engineer reportedly had no more than a few traffic infractions on his record, but when agents showed up at his home, he opened fire, wounding three agents and killing two before being shot and killed by authorities.


After hearing about the slain agents, 36-year-old Daniel Alfin and 43-year-old Laura Schwartzenberger, Kodak Black reportedly wanted to do what he could to help their families. According to Kodak’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, they’ve reached out to relatives of the agents after learning that Schwartzenberger left behind two children, nine and four, while Alfin had a three-year-old.

In a video shared on social media, Kodak is seen with his attorney as they officially announce the rapper’s offer to pay for the college tuitions of all three children. Cohen revealed that they’d sent an official letter offering financial help but it’s reported that they have yet to receive a response from the families. Check out the video below.