Face tattoos were once all the rage, but soon, everyone began inking their mugs and it became almost common to see. It seems that the new wave is now implanting expensive jewelry in one’s face, and the man of the hour is Lil Uzi Vert. It’s reported that he spent years paying off a $24 million rare diamond, and recently, he revealed that he’s implanted into his forehead.

This may not be a style that is suitable for everyone, but Uzi seems to be adjusting well. Some people believe that the Eternal Atake rapper is trolling the world and didn’t truly get the multi-million diamond surgically implanted into his face. However, Sauce Walka firmly believes Uzi went through with the procedure, because he recently got a $250K diamond implanted, as well.

We previously reported on Walka’s dermal piercing after the rapper shared a video clip of his big moment. The news of Uzi’s diamond has Walka feeling as if he’s being copied, and he continuously has taken to social media to share that he’s the leader of the new wave.


“2017 lies later‼️‼️‼️‼️Now What I tell y’all,” he wrote in the caption to a video he shared on Instagram. “#WHATYOUGONEDO YEAR AFTER YEAR FOLLOW THE LEADER #DripGOD W for Texas.” In the clip, he said, “Where you gon’ put a diamond at? What you gon’ do?” he asked. “Put it in your cheekbone? Put it in your chin? Put it in your forehead? Who he think he is? Avatar?” 

Meanwhile, Tory Lanez also had a few jokes about forehead jewelry after he taped a pendant to his face and said that it cost him $87 billion. He even tagged Sauce Walka and Uzi in his clip, so check out posts from the rappers below.