Rappers are known to do strange things, and now Sauce Walka's latest purchase has taken center stage. The Houston rapper made a big reveal over on Instagram on Friday (December 18) after he shared that he got a jewel implanted into his face. The tear-dropped diamond was placed right below the eye where many others have tattooed the shape. Walka shared his experience online and revealed that the stone set him back $250K.

"ITS OVER N*GGAZ🏁🏁 ‼️‼️ I WON," he penned in the caption to his procedure. "$250,000 GIA National Diamond Grand 3.00 carat FLAWLESS/D-Color Drip [tear drop emoji] shape Diamond [diamond emoji] in 18k rose [rose emoji] gold surgically implanted in my EYE [eye emoji][sad face emoji].. my last tear." He added, "250,000 n*gga.. find a cloud [cloud emoji] or inclusion I give u $20,00 n*gga!!! I’m THE #DRIPGOD N*GGA ... IM THE #RICHEST."

In his video, a highly excited Sauce Walka is seen with his crew as he claimed that "it's over" because he put "a quarter-million dollars in my face!" The rapper also gave a shoutout to the Johnny Dang Store and Lambo Jewels for hooking him up. Check out Walka boasting about his expensive new addition to his mug below.