The Weeknd debuted a new face yesterday that left fans quite shocked. Evolving from his previous condition of a stitched-up, bloodied, and bruised face, the 30-year-old Toronto singer debuted his new swollen look in the music video for his latest single “Save Your Tears.” Clearly dedicated to this era, he even shared a selfie on his Instagram featuring the new visage. The special effects artist responsible for his new-look took to social media to detail exactly how the singer achieved it

“SWIPE for more, My original rough sculpture and separated appliances with textures,” wrote Mike Marino, the designer for Prosthetic Renaissance Makeup-FX Studio. Referencing to the other photos in the set pointing out each piece used on The Weeknd’s face, he continued, “Consisting of 4 prosthetic appliances, main face being a collapsible mold.” It appears that his face was built from a mold, and Marino provides a well-organized step-by-step look at the process

Be sure to check out The Weeknd’s new face in action in the “Save Your Tears” music video below, which has already amassed a whopping 6.1 million views since being released yesterday.  

The Weeknd also shattered another Billboard record for the highest re-entry on the charts with “Blinding Lights” after the track re-entered the Hot 100 chart at #3 this week.