During his career, we've known The Weeknd with several different looks. He burst onto the scene with an iconic hairstyle that would be imitated by many but only perfected by one. When he started to change the direction of his art, the Toronto recording artist decided that a change in his look was needed, chopping off his locks and going for a more clean-cut style. Now that he's entering a new stage in his career again with the imminency of Chapter VI, Abel felt the need to try out one of his strangest appearances to date, rocking a moustache and sporting an afro-style haircut.

Some say that The Weeknd looks like a mathematics substitute teacher with his new style and others are comparing him to Lionel Richie. The point is that nobody really thinks he looks like The Weeknd. Even though he is The Weeknd... While some are more focused on the hair atop the vocalist's head, others are more worried about that thing above his upper lip. "Porno mustache means this new album is going to be crazzzzzzy," wrote one fan, hoping that this is a sign of good things to come. "El Fin De Semana," wrote another commenter, joking that the singer looks like he could have been born south of the border.

What do you think of The Weeknd's new look? Is it a bit too much of a change or does he look better than ever before?