Following the most commercially successful year of his entire career, The Weeknd is starting off the new calendar by shocking fans anew with his latest look, evolving from his stitched-up, bloodied, battered, and bruised face and debuting his new swollen visage in the music video for “Save Your Tears”.

Yesterday, we wrote about the official music video for “Save Your Tears”, which is one of the strangest and darkest from the entirety of the After Hours era. In it, The Weeknd performs for a masked crowd before his performance takes a concerning toll with the artist drinking to no end, throwing objects around the room, and even threatening to shoot himself with a revolver. He also debuted a new sparkly red suit and changes to his face. During this chapter in Weeknd’s career, the artist has been adding new layers to his physical persona, appearing as though he had just been beaten up at the 2020 American Music Awards. Now, he’s healed and his face is swollen as ever, which is shocking his audience on Twitter and Instagram.

“This is f*cking scary,” wrote one person on the singer’s behind-the-scenes look at his “new face”. “What is wrong w u,” asked another.

The Weeknd has really allowed this character to consume him for the last year, making this era more of a performance art experiment than anything. Still, it’s wild to consider the fact that he was not nominated for any GRAMMY Awards at the now-postponed 2021 ceremony.

What do you think of The Weeknd’s new look?

The Weeknd's "New Face" Shocks Fans
The Weeknd's "New Face" Shocks Fans