Queen Naija Buys Her Man A Corvette For His Birthday

Queen Naija pulled all the stops for her man, Clarence White’s birthday this year.

BYEllie Spina
Queen Naija Buys Her Man A Corvette For His Birthday

In celebration of her boyfriend, Clarence White's 27th birthday yesterday, Queen Naija made sure to spoil the hell out of him. The "Dream" singer gifted White a shiny new Corvette, and to thank her, he took to Instagram to gush over his new set of wheels and the woman who bought it for him. Queen also took to Instagram to share a photo of White and a lengthy caption wishing him a happy birthday.

"Happy birthday to the drippiest, realest, wisest, most attractive, best beard having, juicy lips having, ps5 playing .. man I ever met," she penned. "I love you so much babe you’re getting old! 27, and more to go @clarencenyc .. let’s get lit tonight," and judging by White's latest Instagram post, we can safely say that their night was indeed "lit."

"Last night was really a movie," White captioned a clip of his new ride. "I was in the middle of taking DDG money in pool and queen was like here I got you this jacket because it’s gonna be cold outside but I’m like I ain’t going outside it’s freezing lmao." He went on, explaining Queen's sneaky ploy to get him in the driveway. "She like you gonna wanna go outside I go outside and my baby got me a corvette and put forgiatos on that sh*t and put my name in the headrest im lost for words but you the realest and I LOVE YOU 4L." These two are seriously couple goals.

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