A joke Clarence White made about his young son that he shares with Queen Naija has turned into controversy. Earlier this week, Clarence tweeted, "My son is packing I'm so proud of him," complete with an eggplant emoji. Immediately, fans began to respond that he should delete his message and it didn't take long for scathing accusations and insults to be thrown around. People actually called Clarence a "pedophile," so Queen Naija quickly came to her man's defense.

Queen Naija, Clarence White
Randy Shropshire / Stringer / Getty Images

"Let me make this clear. The tweet was wrong," she tweeted. "Sometimes we put things on social media that doesn't represent who we are. That's why he deleted it. But if you think that this man sits home and lusts after his own child.. you are wrong and reaching far." She added, "A pedophile is someone is ATTRACTED to children. And y'all not gone sit up here and act like he is attracted to his own damn son! No it was not the best thing to tweet, but raise your hand if you never tweeted or said anything dumb!!! Exactly so carry on."

Later, Clarence shared his side of things, saying in a video that he is proud of everything about his son and everything he does and will do. "I should have just never tweeted it," he admitted. Watch his explanation below and swipe through to see the tweets.