Plastic surgery remains a taboo topic in the entertainment industry, and even more so the center of rumors swirling around certain celebrities. While many choose to stay hush-hush about their bodily enhancements, others prefer to keep it a buck. Youtube personality and R&B songstress Queen Naija decided to keep it all the way real and publicly opened up about her recent surgeries via social media. 

In the shared video, the personality amply discusses the numerous procedures she has had and breaks down the process for her fans. The visuals, indeed, reveal the singer's butt enlargements and fat reduction at the thighs, hips and upper back.

The 23-year-old vocalist rose to prominence back in 2016 through a Youtube channel shared with her now ex-husband Christopher Sails. The Youtube channel Chris & Queen quickly gained traction through its multifaceted content and garnered over 2.3 million subscribers in the span of a year. While the couple dissolved, Naija went on a separate road and made a name for herself via a new Youtube, sharing both personal aspects of her life and her musical talents. The latter rendered to be fruitful as it led to her official signing to Capitol Records. She has since gone onto release notable tracks like "Medicine" and "Karma" as well as a self-titled debut EP.