They haven't been together for years and both have gone on to have children with other people, but Chris Sails won't cease in trolling in ex, Queen Naija. The singer has been enjoying life with her man, Clarence White, but somehow, it seems that every so often Sails returns to social media to taunt Queen and Clarence. Recently, things heated up after accusations surfaced that Clarence left his ex-girlfriend for Queen, and Sails couldn't pass up the opportunity to say a few words.

Queen Naija, Clarence White, Bitter, Chris Sails
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

"LMAO my son almost taller than this simp," Sails wrote over an image of Queen and Clarence that he posted to his Instagram Story. "Queen prolly do not feel protected when they go out." Sails also said in a video that "Clare Bear" didn't buy Queen a Birkin bag; instead, Sails claims Queen gave him the money to buy it for her. 

Clarence responded with a few tweets of his own and even posted a reaction to Chris Sails's diss track, while Queen Naija mentioned that Sails was acting out before "one of the biggest moments of my life." The public criticized Sails heavily for being a "bitter ex-husband," but he got on Instagram Live to insist that he wishes nothing but the best for Queen and Clarence. 

"I don't want to get back with Queen," he said. "I want Queen to be happy and Clarence to be happy, but y'all ain't gon' talk about that. Y'all only gon' talk about the negative stuff I do... When Clarence sub-tweet me it's okay, but when I do it, it's not? Or when I cheated it was a big deal, but when he did it, it's okay, y'all justifying it. It's not right. Wrong is wrong at the end of the day ad right is right. And Queen not innocent, nobody not innocent in the situation." Check out a few posts about the messy situation below.