In a new song preview, it sounded as though 42 Dugg could have been outing himself. According to some people who misheard his lyrics, he said, “I was out here sucking dick, I was tryna pay the rent.”

While the lyrics easily could have been misinterpreted, 42 Dugg actually pronounces his bars pretty clearly here. He clapped back at anybody who thought he was gay, writing out the actual lyrics. “HOES OUT HERE SUCKIN DICK… I WAS TRYNA PAY HER RENT,” he tweeted after going viral.

After a week’s worth of trolling, the “We Paid” rapper is still getting messages about the line so he decided to speak up and clear his name.

42 Dugg Snaps Over Gay Rumors: "I'm Not Gone Get Caught Doing No Hoe Shit"
Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

“I understand this shit getting out of reach but man y’all gotta stop tagging me in all this fake shit/gay shit,” wrote the 4PF star. “Ion need no fake attention ion wanna be on no blog if it’s not about music. I’m not gone get caught doing no hoe shit cause it’s not in me. Real n***as Hold up every time.”

In his caption, he continued.

“Look me up ask about me , ain’t no hoe shit gone ever come up EVER,” wrote 42 Dugg. “I can’t speak on nobody else But DUGGA ask anybody I was in juvenile with ,prison anything I been holding this shit down since 11 I been to jail 7 times ain’t never had ah co defendant ain’t never been on no hoe shit. I ain’t gotta Fake SHIT REAL N***A ITS GONE SELL.”