Nobody has done music videos quite like The Weeknd in the last year. The superstar artist has truly embodied his After Hours persona during his latest era, embracing the role of a troubled pop star and telling the story through a series of ultra-creative and highly-stylized music videos. It wouldn’t be a stretch at all to say that The Weeknd had the best videos of the last year.

Today, he drops one more video from After Hours, following through with “Save Your Tears”, which may actually be the darkest and most intriguing of the bunch.

A favorite from the album, “Save Your Tears” begins with The Weeknd performing at a masquerade show, still sporting his bruised and swollen face. As the performance goes on, it becomes more apparent to the viewer that something is amiss. The musician walks through the crowd and grabs drink-after-drink, throwing objects as the audience sits still, emotionless. Finally, The Weeknd brings a woman up on stage and enjoys a dance with her before placing a gun in her hand and pointing it at himself. The suspenseful moment ends along with the performance when the artist pulls the trigger, resulting in an underwhelming amount of confetti flying out, which prompts reluctant applause from the crowd.

Watch the new video above.