People have been worried about Kanye West’s wellbeing for the last couple of weeks, beginning after he went on stage in South Carolina and revealed that he thought about aborting his first daughter, breaking down in tears. That began what appeared to be a downward spiral, including multiple rants on social media against his wife, referring to her and her family as white supremacists and stating that he had been trying to get a divorce for the last year.

The public response to his initial comments on abortion has seemingly been eating away at him because, this morning, Kanye addressed how people interpreted his campaign speech on Twitter.

“I cried at the thought of aborting my first born and everyone was so concerned about me… I’m concerned for the world that feels you shouldn’t cry about this subject,” wrote Kanye. “There is a tactic of 4 D’s, Distract, Discredit, Dismiss, To Destroy. I am quite alright. Take a second and think about what is being projected here.”

While people did make a big deal about what Kanye said about aborting his daughter, that isn’t solely what the issue was. His fans are also confused about why he would go against his wife in such a malicious manner on social media among other issues.

Kanye West Addresses Abortion Comments & Mental Health: "I Am Quite Alright"
Brad Barket/Getty Images

What do you make of his explanation?