The No Limit Chronicles series premieres on BET this evening, and one part of the iconic rap label’s history is its addition of Snoop Dogg. In 1998, Snoop inked a deal with Master P and No Limit Records, and the Long Beach icon spoke with The Breakfast Club about how that partnership came to be.

Snoop Dogg Talks His Days As A No Limit Soldier: "Master P Saved My Life"
 Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

“Man, do you realize that that saved my life?” Snoop asked. “Master P saved my life. I was gon’ put an album out called F*ck Death Row. And Mack 10, he was gon’ give me a million dollars to put it out. It was gonna be on Hoo-Bangin Records… I would go up there to see Mack 10 and when I would go up there I would have to pass by Master P’s No Limit sh*t to get to Mack 10. I passed by one day, Mystikal in there. I don’t even know cuh, but I know his music.” The two gave each other compliments before linking at the studio later on in the evening.

“I come by the studio, get on a song. Master P like, how much you want for the song?” Snoop recalled. “In my mind, I’m like, sh*t. I’m broke right now, I ain’t gettin’ no money. Gimme 15. But I’m thinking $1,500 ’cause I just need something. I come back the next day, Master P wrote me a check for $35,000. So, I’m like, I like this n*gga style.”

P later called Snoop Dogg to his office and asked him what he was working on. When Snoop told him about F*ck Death Row, Master P let him know that if he goes that route, Snoop wouldn’t “live to see that album come out.” Instead, Master P made him an offer. “At that time, I was living in a house that was under Suge Knight’s name. All my cars, under Suge Knight’s name, so for a n*gga to show me you could have your own, sign on the dotted line. I had to say, you know what, f*ck that. I’m going with this n*gga.”

The one condition was that Snoop and his family had to move to New Orleans, so the Dogg tribe became Louisiana residents. Listen to Snoop Dogg revisit those memories below.