Post Malone makes his acting debut in the Netflix movie Spenser Confidential, and he has the film’s leading star & co-producer Mark Wahlberg to thank for fighting to make sure the “Sunflower” emcee landed a good part. So, to thank his fellow thespian, Posty decided to order hundreds of burgers from Wahlberg’s burger joint Wahlburgers for the entire premiere party to chow down on. 

Post Malone Thanks Mark Wahlberg For Debut Acting Role With Wahlburgers
Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix

Malone couldn’t walk the West Hollywood black carpet premiere due to a scheduling conflict with his Runaway Tour in Washington, D.C. To make up for his absence, Posty scheduled for the burgers to arrive at the same time that Mark did, and even made sure to send a special video note to vocally show his gratitude for the movie role recommendation (seen above). “Sorry I couldn’t be at the premiere tonight,” Malone said in the video according to Variety, following up by saying, “I love you so much, but I Postmated something very special to make up for it.”

Mark was equally as gracious for the gesture, telling Variety while at the premiere, “Posty and I have been friends for a long time and I know Posty is always going to Wahlburgers when he’s not in the studio.” He also added that director Peter Berg wasn’t 100% behind casting Malone in the role being that he had no prior experience and didn’t have time to audition. Ultimately Wahlberg rode for the homie, saying “not only did I convince Pete to hire him, I also convinced him to give [Malone] two parts and combine them.”

Read what Mark had to say about coaching post Malone in his first acting role, via Variety:

“When we finally got to the set — we were actually at Posty’s trailer — Posty would not rehearse the scene and he wouldn’t do his real voice. He was making some crazy voice, so Pete was even more scared,” Wahlberg recalled. “You could tell Posty was a little nervous…but then we went in and on the first take he absolutely killed it.”

Watch Mark Wahlberg’s message to Post Malone from the premiere of Spenser Confidential via Instagram below: