It looks like street artist, Lushsux, has set his sights on a new muse for his hilarious celebrity mash-up murals: Snoop Dogg. For the past month or so, Lushsux has been gaining more and more attention as his most common target, 50 Cent, continues to repost the artist’s depictions of Fif as different public figures, including 6ix9ine, Donald Trump, Post Malone, Mike Tyson, Guy Fiery, Oprah, and more.

Although Lushsux has used plenty of other celebrities as subjects for his murals, 50 Cent seems to be his favourite, likely because the notorious Internet troll is always complaining about how the street artist has it out for him specifically. In fact, he’s become so well known as the troll who out-trolled 50 Cent, that Snoop even identified Lush as “the same artist that be Fuccn wit” Fif.

On Friday (May 22nd), Snoop reposted Lushsux’s mural of him mashed up with Barack Obama, tagging 50 Cent to ask him if it was the same artist. Although the painting is definitely meant to depict Snoop and the former POTUS combined, considering Lush posed the question “would u vote for him?” in his original post, many commented on both posts that it