Doja Cat is the daughter of a Jewish-American artist mother and a South African actor father but she has never actually met her dad. She’s heard all about him and he’s apparently always commenting on her posts on social media, but the two have never formally been introduced to one another.

The man, Dumisani Dlamini, was in the 1992 film Sarafina!, which stars Whoopi Goldberg so when Doja Cat got to meet Whoopi recently, she couldn’t resist the urge to fangirl over the fact that the talk show host knows her father.

Whoopi and Doja Cat were both backstage at the Late Night with Seth Meyers show recently when they spoke about the Hot Pink rapper’s father. 

Doja Cat Freaks Out Meeting Whoopi Goldberg, Who Knows Her Absent Dad
Cooper Neill/Getty Images

“I’m just thinking about my dad ’cause he was in Sarafina! so seeing you and meeting you is like the craziest thing,” said Doja Cat. Whoopi Goldberg was equally as awestruck. She asked who her father was and, instantly upon hearing his name, she began praising him. 

“I didn’t get to meet him but you did,” joked Doja. “A good man, really a good man,” said Whoopi about Dumisani.

Some of Doja Cat’s fans are a little confused at the video, asking why her father has not made an effort to be in her life despite supposedly being proud of her success. That’s probably a story for a different day, though.