Shock value is an old friend of Janelle Monae’s. The star actress/singer knows how to rile up the masses, trying out new looks and debuting them on red carpets for us all to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over. Just the other day, she shared that she had dyed her underarm hair pink, which was a decision many questioned. Monae’s fans ultimately praised her for making such a choice, commenting on the picture in droves to remark how brave she is to continually defy the standards set forth by a patriarchal society. In an equally-risky display, the award winner shed herself of her clothes and flaunted her natural body, covering up her chest with her hands and posing in a sea of roses for a beautiful new picture.

Posting over a dozen new shots to her social media profiles, Janelle Monae stood out in one particular photo, standing behind a garden of red roses as she protected her modesty by placing both hands over her breasts. Monae has been showing off some of her favorite looks from the decade but, as you would expect, people are gravitating toward the skin-filled pic.

How do you feel about Janelle Monae? Do you think she’ll keep on achieving new heights in the 2020s?