We’re reporting on unfortunate news this morning. According to new reports by BOSSIP, the Botham Jean lawsuit set forth against the city of Dallas has been dismissed. The original report came from CBS and indicates the Jean family had filed a lawsuit against the city of Dallas and Amber Guyger following the wrongful death of 26-year-old Jean’s death. Thus far, Guyger was the sole defendant on the case and the latter made it quite difficult for the Jean family to acquire a settlement with the City of the way. They thus attempted to file an appeal to have the city considered as equally responsible in their lawsuit.


Unfortunately, a judge recently dismissed the city from the case, furthermore adding that the lawsuit failed “to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.” The Jean family is not backing down, however. Their attorney spoke with NBC 5: “We are accustomed to dealing with this type of process in the legal arena. We feel that the city of Dallas should be in this lawsuit. Should be held responsible for the acts of Amber Guyger.” To make matters worse, the family got the news right after Christmas. Their lawyer continued: “To get this news the day after Christmas was very difficult for the family. They know we have a fight ahead of us. And they’re just prepared to do whatever it takes to get some type of justice for Botham and their family.”