After spending the last year-and-a-half behind bars on weapons charges, Juelz Santana is officially a free man.

The rapper is celebrating his release from prison by taking control of his social media channels, sharing the moment he met his son Santana and posting the equally adorable moment when he reunited with his other kids.

“Free at last,” wrote the legend, wearing a slew of “Santana Free” merch. Clearly, he was ready for his return to the real world. In the pictures, he meets his son Santana in person, giving him a warm embrace in the car.

A second upload shows just how much Juelz missed his family, sharing more moments of him with his loved ones.

“I missed my family.. GOD is good,” wrote Juelz. He is seen giving a big hug to his daughter Bella Monroe and his son Juelz.

Juelz Santana was only expected to be released next year but after a hard push from his legal team amid the coronavirus pandemic, he was granted a release in August. Originally, he was supposed to be free last week but, as Kimbella noted, “some shit happened” and forced a delay.

Welcome home, Juelz. Enjoy your time with your family! Maybe now, he can get to work on that new collaborative tape with Lil Wayne *wink wink*.