Guapdad 4000 has been filling the void left by the absence of proper radio freestyles, which has all but ensured a scarcity of BARS. Thanks to his ongoing collaborative series Rona Raps, currently enjoying its fifth week, Guap has been ably keeping the spirit alive. With previous appearances from Buddy, Chris Brown, Denzel Curry, Wiz Khalifa, Rich Brian, and Lil Yachty, his fifth episode finds him calling on Joey Bada$$ and Curren$y to lay waste to an Akon classic. 

Guapdad 4000, Curren$y, & Joey Bada$$ Flip An Akon Classic
 Emma McIntyre/Getty Images 

Though he’s in esteemed company, Guap once again proves he’s among the game’s wittiest punchline rappers. “Skeet skeet on a pastor’s daughter at the church rap, she gave me big top on Sundays – that’s my church hat,” he raps. “Grill bounce light off my face, that’s solar flexin / give her something light in her stomach, that solar plexus.” Joey Bada$$ slides in next, his reflection on the current state of affairs appropriately bleak. “2020 vision shit that I done foreseen, walking outside shit looking like a horror scene,” he raps. “Can’t even cop no groceries without no glove and mask / everybody lookin’ like they bout to do a dash.”

It’s Curren$y, however, who steals the show with a dexterous update on his own situation. “I just copped a Rolls truck and I can’t roll around, unless I’m going to the store for somethin’ essential,” laments Spitta. “Lysol, toilet tissue, plastic cups, liquor, sour skittles / Hot Wheels i buy for my son? my grown ass, I be in the house playing with him.” Check it out for yourself, and should it make you want to revisit Akon and Styles P’s classic “Locked Up,” take comfort in knowing that you wouldn’t be alone.