Valee is an interesting character, contributing to Chicago’s roster of talented artists shaping the sound of the city. While Chi-City loves to focus on bars, wordplay, and a more mature sound, Valee fits somewhere in between all of that. He always tries to push the genre forward while still placing emphasis on his lyricism.

The 31-year-old has had a few standout appearances over the years, making a name for himself and showing off some of the most versatile flows in the game. He continues his run with a brand new four-pack, which was made as a collaboration with producer Taedakidd.

Featuring just under a handful of new songs, Valee raps in his effortless manner, coming through with some infectious punchlines and shining over Tae’s production. 

Listen to the new EP below and let us know your favorite song.


1. 925
2. NickAtNite
4. Courtesy