Across the nation, people have been gathering in the streets to send a message: Black Lives Matter. For years, people of color, including black people, have been treated as second-rate citizens in this world. That must change and, until it does, protests will not stop. There must be a complete overhaul in how this country works, ending systemic racism once and for all. That starts in the police force.

We spent all of Black Out Tuesday highlighting stories from the front-lines and, behind the scenes, there was also some madness popping off.

According to several sources, including TMZ, a message was played over the citywide police scanner for NYPD officers yesterday, instructing them to “shoot” and “run over” protestors blocking their path. As of right now, it is unclear if the message was sent from an actual police officer or chief or if the radio was stolen.

NYPD Officer Urges Cops To "Shoot" & "Run Over" Protestors Via Radio
Justin Heiman/Getty Images

“Central, we have a group of people blocking traffic on Albany and Dean street,” said one officer over the radio. The response from his alleged supervisor was shocking.

“Run them over,” he said, nonchalantly. “Shoot those motherfuckers. Don’t put that over the air.”

It goes without saying that, if it was an officer or a chief that sent out this request, they should be fired and charged right away. The people that are employed to protect and serve can not be saying things like this and putting innocent lives in danger.

Listen to the audio below.