Lil Yachty appears to be subjecting his fans to even more nonsense than usual while in quarantine, as he paid a guy $500 to drink pee on Instagram live. It looks like being stuck inside the house has Yachty bored as hell, actively looking for ways to kill time and entertain himself. Most recently, the rapper got one of his fans to swallow something particularly nasty on Instagram live in exchange for $500.

Lil Yachty Pays Fan $500 To Drink Pee On IG Live: Watch
Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Revolt

At the beginning of the clip, the fan confesses, “I did not think I was going to get picked for this sh*t,” referring to Yachty’s “talent contest” in which he invites fans to his IG live and dares them to do outrageous stuff. However, Yachty encourages him to pull the stunt, and he proceeds to head to the bathroom to scoop urine out of the toilet. He clarifies that it’s his sister’s bathroom, possibly indicating that he’s about to drink his sister’s pee?

After Yachty briefly speculates whether the liquid in the toilet bowl is actually piss, he is reassured by the fan and his own friends present to watch it all go down. The “lucky” contestant proceeds to fill his glass with the pee, raising it to his lips to take the first big sip. Boat and his buddies watch in disbelief while the fan glugs the piss before abruptly stopping. “Keep going, keep going, keep going. Hit it,” Yachty cheers. “You got it, keep going.” The fan continues to toss it down the hatch before gagging, despite insisting that “this is easy.” Eventually, he finishes the whole cup, and Yachty proceeds to send him his hard-earned money over CashApp.

Lil Yachty Pays Fan $500 To Drink Pee On IG Live: Watch
Paras Griffin/Getty Images for McDonald’s

This is the latest in Yachty’s recent string of daring fans to do unappealing things on camera for money. So far, he’s paid people to shave their eyebrows or brawl with their friend. This most recent victim was not the first to get compensated for ingesting something disgusting, either. Yachty’s gotten folks to eat deodorant, dog food with milk, and even a condom. What do you think he’ll get a money-hungry fan to do next?