It's really come to this. Lil Yachty is so bored that he's out here sending money to complete strangers for entertaining him on Instagram Live by doing weird shit. 

The Atlanta rapper was live-streaming last night when he decided to pass the time with his fans, asking them to participate in a "talent show." Those who could perform the strangest stunts would be rewarded with a payout on their Cash App. Lil Yachty did not disappoint, bringing a few of the oddest individuals onto his channel and showcasing them at their most bizarre.

The "Oprah's Bank Account" star started off by giving $200 to a fan so he could shave his eyebrows off on camera. Then, he paid people to eat condoms and deodorant. For real... that's a legitimate thing that happened on the stream. He also had people out here willingly consuming dog food. Delightful.

After last night, Lil Yachty's boredom has almost certainly been alleviated. The 22-year-old recording artist had a look of awe on his face for much of the night, surprised that people would actually go through with his dares. Sure, he had to part with some of his fortune but you only get to watch someone shave off their eyebrows once before it's ingrained in your memory forever. Worth it?