Aaron Carter Has Rihanna-Inspired Medusa Face Tattoo "Fixed"

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Aaron Carter was considering getting his Rihanna-inspired Medusa face tattoo lasered off but instead decided to have it "fixed," according to his girlfriend.

Aaron Carter's Rihanna-as-Medusa face tattoo is not going anywhere, according to his girlfriend's Instagram story which shows the former child star getting the questionable ink "fixed" by a new tattoo artist. Aaron shocked the world last September when he debuted his massive new tattoo on his left cheek, that is seemingly meant to depict the image of Rihanna as the Greek goddess, Medusa, on the cover of GQ in 2013. Since then, he's been making some additions to the piece, and even revealed that he initially wanted the image inked in the middle of his forehead. Now, however, Aaron's girlfriend, Melanie Martin, revealed on her Instagram story that he was actually considering getting the whole thing removed. He opted to keep the tattoo, though, and decided instead to have some touch-ups done by artist Ceaz Franco.


"He was gonna lazer it off but decided to fix it," Melanie wrote on a video of Ceaz making a home visit on Wednesday night to give Aaron's tattoo some improvements. It looks like things went well because Aaron ultimately reposted the tattoo artist's own Instagram story. "Had to the opportunity to tattoo @aaroncarter," Ceaz wrote on a photo of himself and Aaron smiling. "Thanks for the hospitality and for the trust bro see you again soon."

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Among other super alarming events surrounding Aaron in the past several months, this unexpected tattoo has had fans seriously worried about the state of his mental health and his possible drug use ever since he revealed it to the world.

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