Cuba Gooding Jr. has now been accused of sexual misconduct by 22 women. The first accusation came in this past summer when the Snow Dogs actor was at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar in Manhattan and he was accused of groping a women’s breast. While Cuba has maintained his innocence, detailing how he has faith in the system, more and more women came out of the woodwork accusing him of similar inappropriate behavior from years back.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Still Partying As Sexual Misconduct Claims Rise
Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images  

One unidentified woman detailed a time back in 2009 when Cuba made unauthorized advances on her even after she told him no. The women claimed Cuba put “his hand forcefully into the crotch area of her tights, placing his fingers on her anus.” Despite the growing accusations against his name, Cuba is still in the mood to party alongside his girlfriend Claudine De Niro who’s still by his side. 

According to Page Six, the duo was most recently partying at Rockwell nightclub in Miami and a source told the publication that they “looked extremely happy. They were in great spirits, dancing, having fun.” Cuba has been spotted numerous times partying and hitting clubs since the cases came to light. 

“I trust the system, and the process speaks for itself,” Cuba said when he was first accused. “All I have to say is the following, in this time and age we need to let people speak for themselves, we have to let people express themselves. And now I’m giving the process the chance to show what really happened, what went down.”