Jeannie Mai and Jeezy may be a new couple on the scene but their love for each other is undeniable. “Those of you who have been fans of him for a long time know that I just got to know him in November. So, he’s introspective, he’s passionate, he’s incredibly deep, he’s a visionary, he’s a great leader, he’s an amazing servant to his community,” Jeannie previously said of Jeezy.

After revealing the importance of learning about your partner’s culture, Jeannie has come through with even more Jeezy content on her feed since wishing her love a happy birthday in light of the rapper’s 42nd birthday. “Til the wheels fall off baby. Happy Bday @jeezy 🙃” she captioned an image of her and her man in Italy with bicycles behind them.

Jeezy shared a sweet image to his feed that shows a lavish set up of breakfast by a pool on a gorgeous sunny day. “When you beat the odds, everyday ya birthday‼#Keepgoing,” he wrote – we assume Jeannie was the photographer.

“The things I’ve been criticized for my whole life and in my past relationships, ‘Jeannie, you’re too deep, you think about things too much. Like why does everything gotta have a purpose?’ And I’m not one for small talk and small conversations. I wanna know, why do you think the way that you do? What brought you to look at things the way you do? Who are you? Who is important to you? And I found my equal,” Jeannie added of Jeezy. 

They cute.