Now that the world has received Russ’s Shake The Snow Globe, the Atlanta-based artist has been making his way through the press circuit to promote his release. The 27-year-old rapper visited Real 92.3’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood to chat about his career and while there, Big Boy presented him with a choice between Eminem and Lil Wayne.

Russ Chooses Between Hypothetical Collab With Either Eminem Or Lil Wayne
Randy Shropshire / Stringer / Getty Images

If Eminem was in Studio A and Lil Wayne was in Studio B which studio—” Big Boy asked before being quickly interrupted by Russ choosing A. “Eminem is why I started rapping,” Russ revealed. The hosts couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of the Russ and Eminem exchange. “I told him that when I first met him, too… I know he’s heard that 38 million times.”

Elsewhere, Russ revealed the message behind Shake The Snow Globe. “This whole process and this whole album is about growth and self-forgiveness,” Russ said. “I’m very big on self-forgiveness right now because I look back at 23, 24 and it’s like, yeah, I was goin’ hard. I was headhunting and that’s what I should have been doing. I should be going that hard. So, now that I’ve settled in a little bit, I’m still headhunting but it’s just, it’s less in your face about it. Imma still talk my sh*t and everything but it’s like, I’m more secure with my spot in the game.” Check out his clip below.