Russ & Rick Ross Live Luxuriously In Opulent "Guess What" Video

Mitch Findlay
February 03, 2020 16:17

Rick Russ.

When Rick Ross is in the vicinity, all parties within a twenty-meter radius experience a boost in entrepreneurial prowess. Russ, himself an independent self-made man, seemed to commit to Renzel's ideology full swing. For their lavish anthem "Guess What," the pair opted to come through with some truly opulent visuals, drawing strong influence from mafioso imagery.

In the opening segments, our heroes find themselves hosting a high-stakes poker game complete with open bars and scantily clad mobile masseuses. It's certainly a high life and one that likely comes with no shortage of peril. Betrayal can come from all angles, as jealous ones will always envy by nature. Russ has already experienced no shortage of naysayers plotting on his demise, so it's no wonder he's opted to turn things up to eleven. And who can blame him - one does not simply film a video with the Boss himself every evening. It only makes sense to live out some of those long-dormant power fantasies.  

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