Nicki Minaj and Cardi B had a very public feud last year after a shoe was thrown at a New York Fashion Week party. The following weeks brought forth several narratives about Nicki Minaj potentially “stopping bags,” which she ran with by releasing merch with the new catchphrase. Both sides have remained silent on the beef but their respective fanbases have not quieted down one bit. There is still very much a rivalry between Nicki and Cardi even if they don’t have any personal issues. Their fans want this to continue and thus, it will. Last night, the Barbs, who are known to be a pretty feisty crowd, started trending #WriteARap on Twitter as a direct threat to the “Bodak Yellow” songstress. The message was meant to remind Cardi that no matter how big she gets, Nicki will always be a better lyricist. Well, the hashtag got back to Nick and she decided to take action against her legion of supporters.

Nicki Minaj Puts Her Fans On "Time Out" After Major <a href="/profile/Cardi-B" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Cardi B</a> Shade
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

This morning, Minaj woke up to the news and she reacted quickly, letting out a few embarrassed emojis. Then, she told her fans to cool off before some more drama popped off, telling them they’re officially on “time out.” The majority of them obeyed but others are still out here acting a fool, continuing the hashtag and keeping the feud going.

So far, Cardi B has not commented on the matter. Would you like to see a freestyle battle between these two so a winner could be announced once and for all?