We are two days away from the much-anticipated album, Jesus Is King, which was supposed to drop on September 27th. It was then pushed to September 29th, but it never dropped, so everyone was baffled. He delayed it because he claimed he was ”making it better for y’all,” which led to several song leaks. Tracks were also leaked from his other project Yandhi, which is still postponed until further notice. Jesus Is King will officially drop on October 25th. This was officially announced in his most recent tweet of a blue vinyl with the album title. 


Def Jam Recordings dropped a preview of his track ”Selah” in his album trailer, which could possibly be the last track of the album. The teaser incorporated gospel music vibes with Hallelujah chants. Kanye West previously announced that he found Jesus last year, and he only wants to make gospel music from now on. He began by showcasing his transformation through Sunday Service, which he attempted to trademark, but obviously got denied. This album will contain 10 tracks, which will invoke his religious transformation, without referencing any curse words in the process.

Kanye West stated, “I came to know the truth and joy of Jesus. This album is an expression of the gospel.”