Kanye West is evidently experiencing a spiritual transformation. His Sunday Services have been bringing the word of God across the US in musical, Yeezy-influenced form and his upcoming album Jesus Is King will be his spin on gospel. As with most things in the world of Ye, the rollout for Jesus Is King has been unpredictable, despite including many misleading announcements. The last we heard, the album was slated for release today – the day of The Lord – so we must now wait and see if Kanye follows through on his word. 


On Friday, Kanye previewed his new album and its accompanying IMAX film in Detroit at an event called, “Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Experience.” The film documents his Sunday Service collective performing at James Turrell’s Roden Carter art installation in Arizona’s Painted Desert and is set to release on October 25. Last night, Kanye brought this experience to his hometown of Chicago before joining Chance the Rapper on stage at his The Big Day tour opener.


At the Chicago event, Kanye declared that he will no longer make secular music, according to an attendee’s tweet. A few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian West told The View that Ye started this “musical ministry” as a way to “heal himself”, but “now it’s something he wants to share with everyone else.” It appears that indulging in secular music would go against Kanye’s newfound mission as a new found Christian. We wish Ye the best on his mission, but it wouldn’t be the first time he publicly expressed a thought on a whim that never ended up manifesting. Kanye also claimed The Life Of Pablo was a gospel album – which featured hip hop production and wildly raunchy lyrics – so his understanding of religious music might be quite broad.