Every week, when most of us are having a lazy Sunday in bed, photos and videos from Kanye West's Sunday Service events start popping up on our social media feeds. He started hosting them a few months back, but they continue to grow in size and vision. What started off in a rehearsal studio with just family and friends has turned into massive spiritual gatherings in various settings. Last week, Kanye pulled off his biggest Sunday Service yet, bringing it to The Huntington Bank Pavilion in Chicago where close to 10,000 people were let in for free

Kanye hasn't publicly spoken much on Sunday Service. Its origin and intention has remained rather unknown, but Kim Kardashian West provided some background information on her husband's holy endeavour when she was on The View this week. She explained that Kanye started this "musical ministry" as a way to "heal himself", but "now it's something he wants to share with everyone else."

Around the release of his last album, Ye, there were multiple moments when the world watched Kanye struggle and unravel. After a period of being in the media almost every day for something outrageous, Kanye fell off the grid again. Not much was heard from him in the time leading up to first Sunday Service videos surfacing and it quickly became clear that Kanye was experiencing some sort of spiritual reawakening. Kim confirmed this on The View, saying he has been "born again and saved by Christ." We'll likely hear more about this religious journey when Kanye's new album, Jesus Is King, drops on September 27