Though last year was meant to bring Yandhi into the fold, Kanye West decided to hit the pause button for reasons unknown. As the project ultimately leaked in a piecemeal state, many seemed to wonder whether Ye had opted to revisit the drawing board. Evidently, such a theory proved to be true. Following the emergence of Sunday Service and its skyrocketing popularity, Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to unveil what many correctly assumed to be a Kanye West tracklist. As of today, the official Kanye West website has confirmed the news, placing the tracklist and album title front and center.

In fact, an image of the twelve-song tracklist slash possible album cover is the only thing available on the website at all. Clearly, Yeezy has moved to confirm what we all came to be an assumed fact. Still, questions of sonic direction still linger. Is Jesus Is King to be a full-fledged gospel album, or will it retain some of Yandhi's qualities? As of now, all we have to go off is this alleged snippet of "Sweet Jesus," which teases a (dare-I-say) College-Dropout-esque aesthetic.

Regardless of how this one shakes out, we won't have to wait much longer for an answer. Jesus Is King arrives in full on September 27th. 

Rich Fury/Getty Images