Details of the fight between Kodak Black and a prison guard have started to surface from last month. After the rapper was sentenced to spend the next forty-six months in prison for falsifying information on an application to purchase firearms, the Florida-based recording artist issued a statement to tell everybody he’ll still be calling all the shots from the box. After getting into a physical altercation with another inmate a couple of weeks ago, Kodak was reportedly pepper-sprayed by a guard, who then felt the wrath of the Project Baby. New reports state that Black punched the guard twice before grabbing him by the testicles and applying so much pressure that he needed to have surgery. Now, Kodak’s representatives are claiming that he was set up and drugged.

Kodak Black's Team Says He Was Drugged Before Fight With Prison Guard
Rich Fury/Getty Images

According to TMZ, there exists surveillance footage that shows Kodak drinking from a cup of coffee twenty minutes before the fight broke out. His team believes that somebody spiked his drink to make him behave ultra-aggressively. The Federal Bureau of Investigations has already suggested that Black appears to be under the influence in the video. Kodak’s reps are unsure of specifically who allegedly slipped a drug into his coffee but they have their guesses and are going to run with this narrative for as long as it makes sense.

The prison fight is currently being investigated. Do you think someone is out to get Kodak?