Although Chris Brown has been dancing around the world for over a decade now, his moves re-emerged as a topic of conversation in 2019. While it would have made sense for this discussion to have been fuelled by the choreography on his “IndiGOAT” tour, it’s primary source could be identified as 50 Cent. We all know that 50 Cent is often looking to make the most inflammatory remarks possible on his social media accounts, so it shouldn’t have been to surprising when he declared Brown to be a better performer than Michael Jackson. While Brown receives proper credit for putting on dazzling shows, many believe that the late King of Pop is incomparable. 

While Brown hasn’t publicly agreed with Fifty’s take, he did recently remind people of the time MJ praised him. It seems to fair to say that Brown would concede that he is a “bright and shining star”, especially given his latest Instagram post. The “No Guidance” artist shared a video of himself performing, in which his newly-dyed multicoloured head is seen bopping around. While watching this clip of himself, Brown had a moment of clarity and realized that, despite being 30 years old, “ole head got moves.” For that, he deserves a pat on the back and he’ll be the first one to give it.