Time really does fly. One minute, a young rapper boasting an interesting moniker absolutely bodied The Neptunes’ produced “What Happened To That Boy.” The next, he was signing with Dr. Dre, joining the Aftermath squad and linking up with 50 Cent’s red-hot G-Unit clique. Though Game was an outlier from the start, he carved himself a place in the crew, reveling in the process of going bar for bar with Lloyd Banks. Looking back on Game’s early run, it’s hard to deem it anything other than legendary, with The Documentary earning instant classic status.

The Game Remembers "The Documentary" With Badass G-Unit Throwback
Kevork S. Djansezian/Getty Images

Today, Game found himself feeling nostalgic, taking a moment to reflect on his meteoric rise and unabashed gangsta. “You couldn’t tell this lil n***a coming on the 15th anniversary of my 1st album #TheDocumentary January 18th 2020, ” writes Game, brandishing two handguns like a young Max Payne. “Came along way dawg & still here. That deserves to be celebrated.”

With the climate surrounding gangsta rap being slightly lessened in recent times, it’s nice to be reminded that real G-shit was once reigning supreme atop the charts. Now, with Born To Rap set to arrive on November 29th, it would appear that Game’s career has come full circle.