Things did not go great for Jim Jones last week. His name came up in the Tekashi 6ix9ine’s trial when he was accused of being a member of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. Tekashi is being used as a key witness in the gang’s dealings and has been spilling all kinds of incriminating information. People were also tickled when hearing that Tekashi referred to Jim Jones as a “retired rapper”, despite him still being active and even just releasing an album in May. A phone call was played during the trial in which Jones says, “[Tekashi] not a gang member no more. He was never a gang member. They going to have to violate shorty because shorty is on some bull****.” However, Jones later showed the world that he was unfazed by these developments in the case by nonchalantly sharing a video on Instagram of him working out. Jones also faced the humiliation of making headlines for one of his properties being lost in foreclosure and flipped for $100 in an auction

50 Cent was clearly entertained by Jones being mentioned in the trial, as all the world’s events make up a mere pool of content for 50 to comment on. On Thursday, 50 posted a meme on Instagram of an anime character running towards the camera with the caption: “Jimmy finna do the race, they got his name all in that shit. Now he trending.

Apparently, Fif wasn’t done poking fun at the Dipset member because he put up another post referencing Jones’ potential culpability. He screenshotted a report that claimed Jones was listed as a federal informant in the case, which was cited as the reason why Jones has been able to avoid jail time for several past offenses. 50’s caption for the post that he has since deleted was: “Oh shit, so that’s why they ain’t pull him. Say it ain’t so jimmy.”