It shocked the world when news surfaced that Creep Squad player Stevie J had jumped the broom with Faith Evans. Stevie worked closely with Notorious B.I.G. at one point, and many couldn’t believe that the Love & Hip Hop star, whose drama-filled love affairs with Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez played out on national television, would hand in his player card and settle down.

Faith Evans Dumped Stevie J At One Point Because He Wasn't Ready For A Relationship
Leon Bennett/Getty Images

On Sunday, Faith and Stevie will be featured on an episode of TV One’s UNCENSORED, and in a clip, the pair chat about how their dating relationship developed. According to Faith, it took her a little bit of time to warm up to the idea of entering into a romantic relationship with the music producer, and once they did begin dating, she later dumped him because he clearly wasn’t ready for commitment.

The singer said that she was working on her The King & I album when she called on Stevie because she wanted to include people who had actually been in the studio with Biggie. “And that’s probably the first time like, he kind of like flirted with me in a sense where I’m like, ‘Oh okay.’ I was like, ‘Now you know good and well, if you play games, like, I’m not playing. Like, stop. Don’t do that because we’re friends.'”

Although Faith wasn’t really into the idea of dating Stevie, he “pleaded” with both the singer and her close friends until she came around. “I kind of melted a little bit,” she said. “But we ended up dating and he wasn’t quite ready and I had [let him go], and then he came back like, ‘Hey, listen I think…’ We just really did it really quick. We weren’t like together on and off over all these years at all.”

Stevie admitted that Faith “kicked me to the curb one time. And that’s what made me, you know, lace up my boots and do all the right things.” The husband and wife also talked about Faith’s 12-year-old son who is on the autism spectrum and the battles they’ve had with getting him a proper education. Watch the clip below.