While there are folks out there wondering whether the City Boys or the Hot Girls are having a better summer, Stevie J. and Faith Evans are living their best lives on vacation. The couple has recently been on the receiving end of break up rumors after social media sleuths claimed that the pair unfollowed each other on Instagram. However, the husband and wife assured reporters that their marriage was just fine as they were spotted recently at ESSENCE Fest.

The unlikely pair shocked fans when it came to light that they married on a whim in Las Vegas. Stevie was a producer for Bad Boy Records and worked on a number of tracks for Faith's late ex-husband, Notorious B.I.G. Stevie and Faith have weathered the storms of accusations that Stevie, who has developed a reputation as a reality television playboy, couldn't remain faithful, but it looks as if Faith has set him on the right path.

"Happy Anniversary FRJ ⚜️ Truth is - the one you love is always near, you’ll never know," Stevie wrote in an Instagram post. "Just love each friend or loved one wholeheartedly & unconditionally. The universe hand delivered My Angel, supremely honored. This life of yours hasn’t been easy though you carried your cross without complaints now lay all of your cares on my shoulders, please. Amen."


Meanwhile, Stevie continues to battle it out in court with his ex and former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta co-star Joseline Hernandez over their daughter Bonnie Bella.