The fact that Blac Chyna has a mother who goes by Tokyo Toni still amazes me but that’s not the point of this story. If you’ve been following any developments regarding the former adult dancer, you know that Blac Chyna hasn’t exactly been getting along with her mother. They had a brief moment of serenity when Chyna and Toni met up to finally speak about important issues to them, repairing their relationship after Chyna’s appearance on the Wendy Williams Show. The bandaid that they temporarily placed over their scarred wounds started to peel off though and now, there’s a full-on feud between Chyna and her mom again. This time, Wendy Williams is actually being brought into the drama.

Blac Chyna's Mom Exposes Wendy Williams' Coke Habit: "I'ma Knock Her Face Off"
Sarah Morris/Getty Images

As if she hasn’t had a rough enough year with her divorce, Wendy is now being exposed after leaving the sober living facility earlier this year with Tokyo Toni threatening to leak the truth about everybody’s favourite talk show host. During a live-stream with her fans, Tokyo Toni reportedly put Wendy on blast, telling her that when she sees her, it’s on sight. “Let me check Wendy Williams’ motherfucking ass bitch. Wendy, I’ma tell you this. Don’t mention my motherfucking name again, or I’m gonna talk about your shit,” warned Chyna’s mom. 

She continued by spewing some straight-up threats, hollering, “Wendy is so gone, that when I see her, I’ma knock her face off. When I see you bitch I’m gonna get a charge. I’ma bust your ass. You said I cried? When I walked in, you was sniffing coke. ‘Heyyy, ohhh’ Eyes was big. You hugged me because I ain’t no sucker.”

Oh man… Alrighty then. So now Wendy is part of the Chyna vs. Toni feud. Who do you have winning this?