Wendy Williams made a shocking announcement on her talk show yesterday, revealing to the world that she had been staying at a sober living house. The media personality has been very open with her fans in the past, being transparent about her past issues with substance abuse, noting that cocaine and crack cocaine have been her vices over the years. This is the first time that Wendy is seeking professional help for her addiction, telling her audience that her husband Kevin Hunter and her son Kevin Hunter Jr. were spending lots of time with her at the sober living facility. According to new rumors though, her husband is actually one of the main reasons why she ended up there in the first place.

Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images

It was reported earlier today that her most recent drug relapse was caused by her husband's refusal to leave his longtime mistress, who Kevin reportedly got pregnant last year. Obviously, that sort of situation would make anybody try and seek comfort in things that make them feel good. Wendy Williams was recently spotted making the trek from her studio back to the sober living house and she looked pretty glum. The facility is reportedly located in Queens, New York, where she's staying overnight instead of returning home to her mansion in New Jersey. Daily Mail notes that she's been getting picked up every morning at 7 AM, making her way to her Manhattan studio, and then heading back.

It's unclear how long Williams will be staying in the sober living facility. She appears to be getting support from her family despite the rumored trouble she's had with her husband.